20 April 2012

Counting Down: Nine days to 103DEC / Saturday 30 July - originally posted 21.7.2011

On Saturday 30 July, 103 The Eye is dedicating the entire day's broadcasting to raising awareness of the DEC East Africa Crisis Appeal.

We've had warm weather across the East Midlands in recent weeks, but there's still food in the shops and water in our taps, rivers and streams but In the Horn of Africa there have been months of drought followed by the severest famine in living memory. In a daily worsening situation, millions of people are facing death.

So 103 The Eye is supporting the Disasters Emergency Committee and encouraging everyone to help by donating direct to the DEC East Africa Crisis Appeal.

All day on Saturday 30 July we'll be broadcasting interviews and information about the situation in Africa and we're asking you, our listeners, to share the day with us by telling us your life stories through your favorite music. Details about LIFE TRACKS are available here, on 103 The Eye and in the local press over the coming week. 


But don't wait to donate - your money can be put to good use right now. Just follow the instructions in red on the side bar and help the DEC's member organisations to save lives immediately.

Saturday 30 July will be DEC East Africa Crisis Appeal day on 103 The Eye. We look forward to sharing the great day with you!

Originally posted 21.7.2011

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