21 April 2012

Be part of 103 The Eye's all-day DEC EAST AFRICA APPEAL / Saturday 30 July - originally posted 20.7.2011

With the greatest humanitarian crisis to hit our world in modern times, the drought in the Horn of Africa has become the focus of charitable activity across the world. Millions of children are facing death. Millions more are becoming displaced and will require re-settlement. And the situation is worsening daily. 

The Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) and the 14 overseas development agencies it represents are raising awareness and funds to improve the chance of survival for those effected. Every penny helps. 


Local radio 103 The Eye is raising awareness by running a day-long Appeal on Saturday 30 July, featuring interviews with DEC organisations and local experts. We'll be talking to people who have recently returned from the drought area and hear what can be done to help. We'll also be speaking to celebrities about their involvement. 

103's listeners are invited to take part in this special day by choosing a piece of music that means something special: this is your opportunity to email or phone in your LIFE TRACK story to be played on air on Saturday 30 July.

Either pick your own track or choose one of those suggested for you by 103 presenters, which will be listed in advance online and in local press. 

And of course we're encouraging everyone to donate direct to the DEC.
More info from Mitch de Faria on 0845 052 5280 / mitch@thisismitch.co.uk 
See also #103DEC & http://on.fb.me/nDwBuH

103 East Africa Awareness Campaign - 103DEC flag-up jingle
  Dec East Africa Appeal Promo - Fay Ripley

Originally posted 20.7.2011 

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