07 April 2012

SOMALIA: First UNHCR airlift into Mogadishu - originally posted 9.8.2011

The UN refugee agency has flown aid to famine victims in Somalia's capital - its first airlift to war-torn Mogadishu for five years.

Some 100,000 people have arrived in the city in the last two months in search of food.

Insecurity makes it difficult for aid agencies to distribute materials.

The Islamist al-Shabab group was reported to have pulled out of the city on Saturday but its fighters can still be seen patrolling some areas. 

While the government has been celebrating what it called its "victory" over al-Shabab, BBC East Africa correspondent Will Ross says few people expect Mogadishu to be peaceful.

For the aid agencies, the city remains an environment full of challenges, he says.

For full story see BBC News.

Originally posted 9.8.2011

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