16 April 2012

Archbishop of Canterbury issues urgent appeal for the Horn of Africa - originally posted 16.4.2011

"It is devastating to see once again the images of famine haunting our world, as parts of Somalia, Kenya and Ethiopia face one of the worst droughts for 60 years. Lives are being devastated – more than 11 million people desperately need emergency relief, as well as long term solutions to support sustainable farming and prevent this crisis repeating itself.
"Children and other vulnerable people are dying – the urgency is intense to prevent this disaster reaching a point of catastrophe; to ensure that we do not fail our fellow human beings in the Horn of Africa.  In the longer term progress is possible: I saw it myself last month in a drought-struck part of Kenya, where local communities were being taught how to adapt to climate change through a local Church initiative.

"In Britain we can be encouraged by the response from the Department for International Development, which is leading the way in the international community in responding rapidly and effectively. The British public is also giving generously through the DEC appeal. This needs to continue, saving the lives of the young and the weak right now - and building for their future."

Dr Rowan Williams
Archbishop of Canterbury
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Originally posted 16.4.2011

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